Venus Flytraps – they’ll solve your insect problems!

Venus flytraps are one of the most interesting plants you can keep in your home.  Their lightning fast traps have fascinated the minds of kids and adults alike for decades.  But, did you know that they can be useful too?  By growing carnivorous plants such as venus flytraps you can solve your fly problems in your house!  The purpose of this post is to educate you as to the bug-eating benefits of these unique plants.

Every house can have a pest problem come up at the most inopportune time.  These bugs can range from houseflies, spiders, fruit flies, moths, termites – you name it, and they can inhabit your house.  Some people will have no problem using insecticides or natural insect repellants to help keep the populations of such critters in check.  But, if you have young children around, these chemicals can be dangerous and a pain to keep around the house.  There is another, more natural way to save your house (and your wits) from insects – use venus flytraps.

While not a standard suggestion for controlling bugs, growing carnivorous plants really can help.  Plants such as these around your home can help control local populations.  Some of the bugs this can be most benefical in controlling are flies, spiders, and ants.  Other bugs will be able to elude the Dionaea muscipula in your home.  These would include cockroaches, moths, and any other insects that are too large or too hard for the venus flytraps to digest.  Some preplanning should be used when taking advantage of these hungry plants.

By planning where your venus flytraps will be kept in your home, you can help control excess bugs, especially flies and ants.  Keep in mind two things when considering the location of your plants.  (1) the plants need light to thrive, and (2) they’ll obviously be most effective in the actual areas where the bugs are getting out of hand.  Examples of good spots would be windowsills and bathrooms where bees and flies can be an annoyance.

So, it should hopefully be pretty clear now that venus flytraps can actually be helpful if you have a few extra bugs around your house – and who doesn’t!  Find the right place in your home and the traps will eat the annoying critters for you.  Your cleaning jobs will be that little bit easier, and you’ll thank yourself.

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