Fun facts about your Sundew carnivorous plant

*The Sundew carnivorous plant is one of the many types of carnivorous or insectivorous plants that catch insects and small animals in order to acquire additional nutrients. This is because of the fact that they are usually found in areas with a very poor soil quality.

*These carnivorous plants got its name because of the drops of mucilage that are found on their leaves which resemble the dewdrops that appear every morning. This mucilage of the Sundew carnivorous plant is its main tool for catching prey. This causes any insect or small animal that lands on the leaves to stick to it until it is digested and absorbed by the plant.

*They are found in almost all areas in the world especially in areas where there is enough sunlight and water but not enough soil nutrients. These usually include bogs, swamps and forest floors.

*These plants are also best described by the tentacles which are found in their stems and leaves. These are the main source of their sticky mucilage as well as their digestive enzymes. They curl up or move in response to any potential prey and these further decrease any possibility of escape. The leaves of most species of the Sundew can cover their prey in a matter of seconds so as to coat it with the largest amount of sticky enzymes and digestive juices as possible.

*There are generally 6 different varieties of Sundew carnivorous plants depending on their growth habits. These include the temperate Sundews; the subtropical Sundews; the pygmy Sundews; the tuberous Sundews; Petiolaris Complex; and the Queensland Sundews. These vary from each other in their habitats as well as growth appearances.

*The flowers produced by these plants possess long stems and except for two varieties, are usually composed of five symmetrical petals. They help in attracting not only potential pollinators but also any possible prey. They are usually open one at a time and are also heliotropic, meaning they move in accordance with the movement of the sun in the sky.

*Because of their unique appearance, Sundew carnivorous plants are considered to be a very popular choice as an ornamental plant. The fact that they are carnivorous makes them a 2 in 1 plant that can be used not only for decoration but to keep away insects as well.

*These plants require a very moist or humid environment since this is one of the characteristics of their locations in the wild. Also, the water that must be used for them should be pure like rainwater. This is because the presence of any salts and minerals in the water has the tendency to harm and in worse cases, kill them.

*In spite of their weird nature, Sundew carnivorous plants are actually used for medical purposes. They are regarded as a good form of herbal remedy for coughs and other bronchial illnesses. Aside from that, they are also said to be a very effective aphrodisiac as well as a heart supplement. Talk to your doctor before even thinking about growing carnivorous plants for medical purposes as they have not been well studied.

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