Pinguicula laueana

I recently came across a 5 different species of Butterworts (Pincuicula).  This will be the first in a series of posts about the new additions to my hobby of growing carnivorous plants!

Pinguicula laueana comes from the Oaxaca region of Mexico and is thus one of the Mexican butterwort species.  It is a moderate sized Pinguicula.  Mine currently is about 8cm wide but I’m hoping it will grow about another 50% wider now that it is settling into the conditions in my apartment.

Pinguicula laueana

Pinguicula laueana

Like many temperate Pings, this species has a wet and a dry period.  When cultivating this in your home you should try to mimic its natural environment as much as possible.  The soil should be somewhat airy (mine are growing well in a 1:1 mix of peat and perlite).  To simulate the wet/dry seasons, I will be watering my plant more in the summer and only sparingly in the winter months.  I am currently successfully using a method of sitting the plastic pots in 1″ of water and letting it dry out for a few days before re-watering.

The picture above is of my Pinguicula laueana (crimson red variety apparently) with it’s summer carnivorous leaves out.  I can’t wait for this to start trapping bugs and to flower for me.  I do not believe they can self-pollinate so I will be trying some leaf cuttings of winter-leaves once the appropriate season comes along.

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