Desktop Carnivorous Plants – Are they suitable for your office?

People who want to avail of a different feel for their office are advised to make use of desktop carnivorous plants for their decoration and ornamental purposes. This is in relation to the ones that are usually seen in a typical office setting. Being the weirdoes of the plant world, they offer a lot of advantages and disadvantages as compared to the usual types of office plants.

Some of the advantages include:
1.Desktop carnivorous plants don’t require that much of maintenance since they don’t need fertilizers in order to survive. You don’t need to turn over the soil nor trim them. Basically, they can be just left alone except to water them regularly and exposing them to the sun.

2.They are a great way of dealing with flies and other insect pests. This is due to the fact that these insects serve as their main source of nourishment. Any insect that strays to your office will be lured to these plants and will then end up being eaten and digested. You don’t need to spend for bug sprays as well as professional insect controllers with the presence of desktop carnivorous plants.

3.These plants come in a variety of colors and shapes so they can prove to be very attractive to anyone who looks at it. Aside from that, you don’t have to wait for these plants to bloom just to be colorful. They are made naturally so as this is one of their main attractions to get all their insect food. This is as compared to the most usual office plants that are only attractive once they have their flowers.

4.As is said earlier, these plants are weirdoes because of the different method that it uses in order to acquire its food. This makes for a great way to start any conversation and will give you the impression of being smart. Also, it’s a great way to encourage the curiosity of anyone who visits your office especially on matters of your tastes and preferences.

To balance the equation, the disadvantages of desktop carnivorous plants may include:

1.They can be sensitive. Although they require only water, these must come in the form of distilled or rain water which is the purest water available. This is because, the minerals and salts that are found in common water have the high potential of harming the plant or if in large doses, ultimately kill it.

2.Their environment must have the proper conditions. These include the right amount of humidity, temperature, air circulation and light exposure. Anything that exceeds or is lower than these amounts can harm or weaken the plants and this could make them look very unattractive in the long run. Having said that, desktop carnivorous plants can be quite healthy, and I’ve certainly had much success with such plants.

If you’re looking for some desktop carnivorous plants, or are looking forward to growing carnivorous plants elsewhere, a good place to buy your first carnivorous plant is located above.

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