Cultivation tips for the fly trap plant

That old fish bowl or antiquated aquarium gathering dust in your attic might have some use after all. That is if you’re planning to cultivate the exotic fly trap plant, which is quite easy to grow. There are only few requirements for these carnivorous plants to thrive: acidic soil, high humidity, wet roots, and full […]

Conservation efforts for Venus fly trap plants

The natural habitat of Venus fly trap plants is, unfortunately, being threatened by human activity such as the drainage of swampy areas, poaching plants from the wild, and the building of houses. Fortunately there are many ways that everyone can help promote the protection of this species in its natural habitat. Conservation can go a […]

Carnivorous Plants – Secrets of the best care!

Much joy and excitement will be had when you buy your first of many carnivorous plants. Whether it’s a sundew, venus flytrap, or pitcher plant that’s your first purchase of this type, you might quickly realize you don’t know how to give it the best care. If you find yourself in this situation, this is […]

Venus Fly Trap – How to feed this carnivorous plant!

One of the first things that people like to do with their first venus fly trap is to trigger the traps to close.  This is usually for one of two purposes – just to watch the fascinating experience, or in an attempt to get the carnivorous plant to eat an insect!  Unfortunately, if this is […]

Venus Fly Traps – Keep Your Carnivorous Plant Thriving

Venus fly traps are among the most interesting plants alive because they are some of a small number of plants that are actually carnivorous. It’s this quirk that makes the venus fly traps such a popular plant for people of all ages. Of course, it also means that they have a few special requirements – […]

Carnivore Plants – Top 5 To Keep At Home

If you are new to carnivore plants, then deciding what ones to keep at home might seem like a daunting task.  You will want to get one that is easy to care for, but are probably hoping to get the most interesting carnivorous plants available.  Keeping the care requirements, the unique appearance, and the ‘cool […]

Fly Trap Plants and Winter Dormancy

So, your fly trap plants have been growing well for months since you bought them, and all of a sudden they have taken a turn for the worse. This is a very common problem and many questions arise from such a scenario. Some obvious ones include “did I feed it something bad”, “did I water […]

Carnivorous Garden Part 1 – What are they?

With the worldwide interest in carnivorous plants, it comes as no surprise that some people attempt to push things to the next level. If you’ve had carnivorous plants for awhile, and are wondering what else you can do with these fascinating plants, maybe a carnivorous garden is the next step for you. Carnivorous gardens can […]

Venus Flytraps – they’ll solve your insect problems!

Venus flytraps are one of the most interesting plants you can keep in your home.  Their lightning fast traps have fascinated the minds of kids and adults alike for decades.  But, did you know that they can be useful too?  By growing carnivorous plants such as venus flytraps you can solve your fly problems in […]

Fun Facts about the Venus Fly Trap Plant

With a variety of carnivorous plants available, it’s not always easy to decide on a favourite.  With so many fun facts about a venus fly trap plant, it has become one of the most known of all such plants.  There are interesting things about the biology, habitat, and appetite of venus fly traps.  By the […]

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