Best sites to buy a carnivorous plant online?

Exercise some caution if you are considering buying a carnivorous plant via online stores from just any old website. Do not fall prey to the sales pitches of profiteers whose modus operandi is to source seeds from seed banks for a cheap price and resell these online at an exorbitant price. What these wise guys […]

Insectivorous plants – not your typical houseplant!

Insectivorous plants have always been a source of wonder for many people because of their weird nature and characteristics. They are different from the usual types and varieties of plants and this has made them popular among many different kinds of plant enthusiasts. This has led to their being included in many aspects of our […]

Nepenthes pitcher plant – native habitats

Nepenthes pitcher plants were first discovered in the middle of the 17th century.  They became quite popular in Great Britain in the 19th century, with much effort spent discovering new varieties to bring home for the wealthy to cultivate.  These plant hunting missions lead to the discovery that the Nepenthes pitcher plants have an extensive […]

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