Carnivorous Plants Seeds – How to Collect Them

If your carnivorous plant has produced a flower, you may be interested in gathering the seeds to try germinating the plants yourself.  Collecting carnivorous plants seeds is easier than you think.  There are a few things you need to know about the flowers, the best time to collect the seeds, and how to collect them for best results.  By the end of this article, you should know the pertinent facts about collecting a carnivorous plant’s seeds for future germination.

When a carnivorous plant flowers, it is usually hard to miss.  What makes this easy is that the flowers are usually significantly different from the rest of the plant.  For many species, such as venus flytraps and sundews, you will see the flowers growing at the end of a stalk.  Another good thing to know is whether your species is a self-pollinator or not.  The good news is that most common carnivore plants self-pollinate so you don’t need to worry about having male and female plants! If your goal when growing carnivorous plants is to collect the seeds, you should pay attention to the health of the plant at the time it is flowering.  You don’t want to lose your carnivorous plants seeds before they are ready for harvesting.

Knowing when to collect carnivorous plants seeds is the most important piece of information here.  If you get them too early they won’t be viable, but if you wait too long the seed pod may burst open, significantly decreasing the number of seeds you will be able to harvest. For example, with venus fly traps and sundews you just watch the flowers until the stock and flowers dry up (and they may turn black at this point).  When they are dry, you should be ready to collect the seeds.

For most carnivorous plants, seeds are easy to collect.  Just snip the stalk off at the base.  Handle the flower carefully as you tip it upside down into a cup.  Shake gently and your seeds will fall into the cup.  Sometimes the seed pods may need to be lightly crushed to loosen up the insides.  If your species does not need any cold stratification, you can start growing carnivorous plants from seed right away!

There you have it – everything you need to know about carnivorous plants seeds and how to harvest them from the flowers.  If you’re wanting to grow them into new plants, you may want to read some tips on planting carnivorous seeds.

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