Carnivorous Garden Part 1 – What are they?

With the worldwide interest in carnivorous plants, it comes as no surprise that some people attempt to push things to the next level. If you’ve had carnivorous plants for awhile, and are wondering what else you can do with these fascinating plants, maybe a carnivorous garden is the next step for you. Carnivorous gardens can also be known as bog gardens as there is much overlap between these two entities. Since this topic is a rather large one, it will be discussed in multiple parts to allow you to absorb the information before learning more.

A carnivorous garden is basically a garden that attempts to mimic the natural environment of various carnivore plants. As such, it is basically a garden that can be kept quite moist and likely has a peat/sand mix as the soil. Ideally, this type of bog garden should contain a large variety of your carnivorous plants so that people will want to spend time admiring it. If you do things right, your garden will become an intricate ecosytem that is largely self-sustaining.

At the same time, since you’ll be growing carnivorous plants outdoors, a carnivorous garden needs to provide the unique growing conditions necessary for each species that it will call it home. The soil will be composed mostly of peat just as if you were growing your plats in pots indoors. The bog garden will need to have a source of clean water that can be cycled throughout the various sections. Finally, some plants have special requirements, so you will have to know those and design the garden with those needs in mind.

A carnivorous garden can be a great way to continue growing carnivorous plants. If you are not quite ready for a whole outdoor bog, then maybe an indoor carnivorous plants terrarium would better suit you. Look out for the next installment in this series on designing carnivorous gardens.

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