Buy Pinguicula – Butterworts for sale

If you have been looking for a good place to buy pinguicula plants, then you are in luck.  One website has a few species that are available for sale including the following:

P. moctezumae – a unique species of butterwort because of its long thin leaves, this Mexican species makes big purple flowers throughout much of the year!

P. primuiflora – known for the long green leaves and pretty white flowers, this species is also known as the primrose butterwort.

P. moraensis – definitely one of the easiest pings to grow at home, it is easy to keep thriving on a windowsill.  This species has nice broad, flat leaves that trap tons of little bugs!

Click the links on the species names to go directly to the purchase pages at PredatoryPlants to see just how great their prices are and you can buy pinguicula plants there!

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