Best Selling Carnivorous Plants!

I am going to try starting a ‘best selling’ list every few months on this blog.  I will likely alternate between things like plants, seeds, tools, and books and try to give you the most popular items that sell in that category.  I hope it will be a good way to let you know if you are missing out on anything that might interest you.  So, without further delay here’s the current top 5 best selling carnivorous plants!

  1. Carnivorous Terrarium with Live Plants – Great Gift! – $29.99 – Includes a 6″ terrarium made out of acrylic, a cobra plant, a pitcher plant, and a venus fly trap! Great starter kit for beginners since it includes live plants.
  2. Jersey Girl Purple Pitcher Plant – Sarracenia purpurea – $7.89 – This plant is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow. A great starter carnivore plant, the Purple Pitcher Plant is sure to bring a nice amount of color and life to any room you want to keep it in!  This little plant comes in a 3″ pot!
  3. Orange Pitcher Plant- Nepenthes – Carnivorous – RARE – $12.99 – What a great price for a rare carnivorous plant. No wonder it makes the top three! Comes in a 3″ pot and will already have several pitchers growing for you.
  4. Venus Fly Trap Plant – CARNIVOROUS -Dionaea – 2 – $6.40 – The Venus Fly Trap is the most popular carnivorous plant for beginners. Most people don’t know it comes in a huge variety of traps and colors.
  5. Spoonleaf Sundew Plant -Drosera spathulata- Carnivorous – $7.90 – My personal favorite, the Sundew is a great plant that is fairly easy to keep if given moist conditions and plenty of light. Should show you it’s flowers in no time!

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