Best Selling Carnivorous Plants Books!

This is a follow up post to my last one on the best selling carnivorous plants.  This time we are looking at Amazon’s top selling carnivorous plants books.  I had to do a bit of sorting and editing of the list because when I searched the site a few of the best selling ones weren’t actually about carnivore plants which was a bit odd;  a few of them were actually children’s books which might make a future ‘best sellers’ post 🙂

Anyways, there are 4 books to talk about here and you might have heard about many of them before because they are mostly written by well known authors and researchers in the insectivorous plants hobby!

  1. The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants – by Peter D’Amato ~ $16 – I would definitely trust someone who has been commercially growing carnivorous plants for over 30 years. Peter D’Amato actually runs the worlds largest carnivorous plant store so he can definitely be counted as an authority on the subject! WHY it’s #1 selling: 61 out of 62 reviews on Amazon are 5 stars!
  2. Bizarre Botanicals: How to Grow String-of-Hearts, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Panda Ginger, and Other Weird and Wonderful Plants ~ $16 – This book isn’t solely about growing carnivorous plants.  Instead, it has information about a large variety of unique plants for people that love interesting species! This one likely sells well because it focuses on more than just carnivore plants!
  3. Growing Carnivorous Plants – by Barry Rice ~ $26 – Barry Rice has really put a lot of effort into making this book into a picture tutorial on this topic.  He has included more than 400 different pictures which are truly fantastic quality.  The book is hardcover which is why it is a bit more expensive than the previous two.  This one has personally been a great go-to book for species-specific tips on keeping your plants healthy!
  4. Carnivorous Plants – by Adrian Slack ~$23 – I do not personally own this book yet but Adrian Slack is a landscape architect and apparently owns one of the largest personal collection of CPs so he should know his stuff!  Has tons of beautiful pictures and a section on how to grow carnivorous plants so likely worth a read!

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