5 Life Lessons Learned From Carnivorous Plants

Many people are aware of carnivorous plants because of their unique habitats, interesting appearances, and unusual methods of getting the nutrients they require to survive.  Have you ever stopped to think about what else they might be good for?  Here are the top five life lessons we can learn from carnivorous plants!

5 – Sometimes you gotta eat gross things! Ever notice how some people are super picky with what they eat?  I know kids who wouldn’t touch vegetables if they can come up with a way to avoid them.  Without an adequate supply of bugs, many carnivorous plants such as venus fly traps, pinguiculas, an sundews would slowly die off.  While we may not ‘die off’ as quickly without a full complement of vitamins and nutrients, humans can suffer from malnutrition without a proper diet.  Sometimes we just have to eat the things many of us don’t enjoy (eg broccoli and brussels sprouts…though I personally love both).

4 – Overcome challenges to your success! When faced with a challenge some people just give up their dreams and replace them with something new.  Others stand up to the challenge and find a way to succeed despite difficulties faced.  Carnivorous plants are much the same way.  They mostly grow in bogs and other environments that are nutrient-depleted.  Yet despite this, they have adapted and found a way to thrive where most other plants would quickly perish.  By trapping and absorbing the nutrition from insects they are able to not only survive but quickly reproduce as well.

3 – Adapt to your environment! This is much the same as above.  Growing carnivorous plants have a long history of adapting to harsh environments with little amounts of much-needed chemicals in the soil and even highly acidic peat bog environments.  By diminishing the importance of roots and finding a unique use for leaves, insectivorous plants thrive!  If only we could adapt to harsh environments (both physical and emotional) as easily.

2 – Change with the seasons! Some people don’t like the major changes that come about as the seasons change.  For example, many northern elderly people fly down to Florida or other tropical environments to avoid cold weather.  Carnivorous plants actually change their structure and nature as the seasons change.  Sundews that grow in habitats with vastly different winters and summers grow a completely different set of leaves in the two seasons.  A hibernacula is grown in the winter that protects some leaf buds that will ultimately return to growing summer leaves.  Quite impressive eh?  Think people can learn to mimic this with emotional adaptations to changing seasons?

1 –
Never give up! Just because life isn’t easy doesn’t mean you should easily give up and admit defeat.  We too can learn to find unique ways to foster independence and carve out our own niche in which we can succeed and blossom into the people we always dreamed of being.

Well there you have it – 5 important life lessons you never thought you’d learn from carnivorous plants!

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